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Ed Sheeran’s setlist in Asia

Selling out stadiums effortlessly across the UK, Europe, and the US, he’s incredibly popular in Asia as well. Check out what was on Sheeran's setlist in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and the United Emirates.

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The science behind writing down chords

Finding chords in songs is not as objective as you might think. At the annual Conference of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), we focused on the science behind writing down chords.

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Andrea Sannino and Ella Fitzgerald in top 5 most practiced songs

The most practised songs of November? You find them here! The most striking new arrival this month is Ella Fitzgerald in the top 5 of Asia.

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New albums by Weezer, Maroon 5, Stereophonics and Fever Ray

Hallelujah, a number of beautiful musicians is back! Here you find the overview of the latest albums, to listen to or to play along. Enjoy!

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Offline Mode for our iOS app

Jam anywhere with our new Offline Mode!

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4 Must Have Guitar Pedals To Rock Your Socks Off

No matter what style of guitar you play, you can always benefit from having a few essential pedals. Yes, even you classical players.

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6 Hidden Chordify Features that will make your fingers itch to get jamming

You are looking for the chords of a song and Chordify delivers them–it can simply be this uncomplicated. But did you know there are loads more Chordify features which you can use to your advantage?

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Bob Dylan in the Top 5 most intensely practiced songs in October

The scores are in, ladies and gents! Check out the top 5 of the most intensely practiced songs in October.

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How music determines your mood and your taste experience

Holland’s favorite earworm, is being played on repeat at Amsterdam Central Station in order to repel sleeping and loitering crowds. How is it that a certain sound can be experienced as incredibly annoying by one person, but is music to another’s ears?

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Game on:
Liam vs Noel Gallagher

Those who thought the rivalry diminished over the years, are sadly mistaken: both released a new album, one right after the other. Who wins in this new phase?

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