John Legend

John Legend Chords

john-legend-all-of-me-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - All of Me (Edited Video)71217 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-love-me-now-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Love Me Now (Official Music Video)6681 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-ordinary-people-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Ordinary People (Video)3831 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-you-i-nobody-in-the-world-johnlegendvevo-1405099354John Legend - You & I (Nobody in the World) (Official Music Video)1815 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-tonight-best-you-ever-had-ft-ludacris-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Tonight (Best You Ever Had) ft. Ludacris (Official Music Video)1617 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-save-room-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Save Room (Video)795 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-vevo-go-shows-all-of-me-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Vevo Go Shows: All Of Me789 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-made-to-love-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Made to Love (Official Music Video)381 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-overload-audio-ft-miguel-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Overload (Audio) ft. Miguel315 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-feat-andre-3000-green-light-ft-andre-3000-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Green Light ft. André 3000 (Official Music Video)240 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-used-to-love-u-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Used to Love U (Official Music Video)234 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-love-me-now-lyric-video-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Love Me Now (Lyric Video)207 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-rolling-in-the-deep-adele-cover-john-legendJohn Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover)180 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-penthouse-floor-audio-ft-chance-the-rapper-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Penthouse Floor (Audio) ft. Chance the Rapper96 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-surefire-audio-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Surefire (Audio)78 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-what-you-do-to-me-audio-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - What You Do to Me (Audio)66 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-i-know-better-audio-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - I Know Better (Audio)57 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-love-me-now-live-on-the-honda-stage-at-iheartradio-theater-la-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Love Me Now (Live on the Honda Stage at iHeartRadio Theater LA)54 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-all-of-me-live-on-the-honda-stage-at-iheartradio-theater-la-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - All of Me (Live on the Honda Stage at iHeartRadio Theater LA)48 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-darkness-and-light-audio-ft-brittany-howard-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Darkness and Light (Audio) ft. Brittany Howard39 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-how-can-i-blame-you-audio-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - How Can I Blame You (Audio)36 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-same-old-story-audio-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Same Old Story (Audio)33 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-surefire-live-from-the-artists-den-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Surefire (Live from the Artists Den)21 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-stereo-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Stereo18 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-overload-live-on-the-honda-stage-at-iheartradio-theater-la-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Overload (Live on the Honda Stage at iHeartRadio Theater LA)18 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-surefire-live-on-the-honda-stage-at-iheartradio-theater-la-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Surefire (Live on the Honda Stage at iHeartRadio Theater LA)15 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-temporarily-painless-audio-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Temporarily Painless (Audio)15 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-marching-into-the-dark-audio-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Marching Into the Dark (Audio)15 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-love-me-now-dave-aude-remix-audio-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Love Me Now (Dave Audé Remix) [Audio]15 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-under-the-stars-live-performance-with-stella-artois-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Under The Stars (Live Performance with Stella Artois)9 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-love-me-now-behind-the-scenes-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - Love Me Now - Behind the Scenes6 jam sessions · chords:john-legend-the-beginning-live-on-letterman-johnlegendvevoJohn Legend - The Beginning... (Live on Letterman)0 jam sessions · chords: